YUMA (2018) Documentary feature

Yuma is a film about tourism in Havana. The film follows a series of characters during their vacation, to explore how they interact with the country and the locals. For decades, the Cuban government has encouraged the tourism industry to grow, in other to provide the necessary income for the island and grant economic stability - all which is hard due to the harsh embargo from the US, which affects all the commercial relationships between Cuba and the outside. Ever since Barack Obama opened the US borders to Cuba so that US citizens could visit the island, Havana has literally exploded with a huge mass of tourist, that completely take over some areas of historic and central Havana. The relationships between tourists and Cubans however, isn't as fluid as it could be - most Cubans are banned from entering almost every country in the world due to harsh visa requirements that most countries implement on Cubans. As a result, most Cubans haven't left the island in their entire lives and many really wish to leave. The massive difference in their ability to travel creates interesting dynamics when it comes to power and privilege and which you can experience vividly in the heart of Havana. Most tourists come from rich countries in Europe and North America and are in complete denial of their privilege. They consume the cuban culture, architecture, music, cuisine, nightlife etc., without really acknowledging themselves as neocolonialists, who can travel solely because they come from countries who were in the past colonialist countries, and they are left rich and able to travel the world.